Masala & Memories

Bringing back memories of India, Zaika is a home away from home that aspires to connect everyone to the authenticity of Indian cuisine. Some dishes are classic, and others are old recipes that will take you down memory lane as you get lost in the aromatic flavor of Indian spices.

Tandoori Trail

Be it the flavour of garlic paste or the freshness of the tandoori spice marinade (made without colours), we take care of the minutest details making sure that your food is prepared with quality ingredients. With the right heat and attention to detail the naans and kebabs are searing and flavourful. Giving special attention to standards of cleanliness and hygiene in our kitchen, we assure our guests that the food we serve reflects maintained perfection. Whenever you’re at Zaika, your food will be just what you expect.

Desi Chinese

Coming shortly. Stay tuned to know more.

Akshay Raje

This place is THE place to have authentic Indian food. The taste is amazing and the prices are affordable. Do try our their Laal Maas, Chicken tikka masala and almost everything. Service is nice. If you're in Hanoi and want to try the best Indian food, Zaika is the place to go.

Sam Rogers

Having been travelling a few months I wanted a taste of home so like a good Englishman I went to an Indian! Lovely staff, fantastic food, reasonable price (all the below for 325k) in clean and comfortable surroundings.

Sabrina Ashoori

Absolutely incredible food. Ate here 2 days in a row and would definitely do more if we had more time in Vietnam. Excellent authentic Indian food. Highly recommend!


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