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Zaika welcomes you!

Located in the heart of Hanoi, Zaika is extremely honoured and excited to present to you an appetizing palette of Indian flavours and spices.

With our special expertise in North Indian dishes, Zaika is keen to become a part of your celebrations as you enjoy DELHI-cious food with your loved ones. Chefs at Zaika not only blend their own spices but also take pride in preparing your food without any artificial color or flavour.

A glimpse into our food journey this far..

Having lived in Hanoi for the past 6 years and sharing a passion for good Indian food, Suruchi Kumar began her journey in September 2017 into the vibrant food scene that Hanoi has to offer. Her enthusiasm to share this passion with all food lovers in Hanoi resulted in the opening of Zaika- A delicious Indian food experience in the capital of Vietnam.

Through Zaika, she aims to fulfill her ardent desire of keeping the people of Hanoi even happier by serving up North Indian delicacies to savour.

A peak into the vast menu that we have on offer

Palak paneer (cottage cheese in spinach) for those who value nutrition as well as taste, Jhinga Coconut curry (Shrimp in a mild coconut cream curry) for the seafood lover, lal maas (spicy goat meat) and butter chicken for meat lovers…Indian food can whet your appetite and leave you asking for more.

Chefs at Zaika are especially proud of their flavourful, slow-cooked Dal Makhani recipe, giving it the name ‘Dal Zaika’. Vegetarian, non- vegetarian or vegan, there’s something for everyone at Zaika. We take special measures to ensure that every customer enjoys and savours each bite at our restaurant. We want our food to bring you satisfaction and joy!


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